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Marketing, destination marketing, tourism marketing: an agency that offers it all. As you can see, we offer a wide range of services. And that’s a good thing, because with our interdisciplinary competences we create global solutions for your brand. That would not be possible if we specialised in one area only. Let us develop the benefits of your region, your hotel or your service together and create a new brand experience. Trust in our first-class tourism marketing agency!

We will make your brand successful.

Tourism Marketing

We do this and a lot more for you at our tourism marketing agency!

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The secret to OMS's success? Our employees!

Creative minds. Courageous individualists. Marketing pioneers. Our agency lives because of the people who work in it. We are incredibly proud of our well-established team. Together we make your brand so successful.

Ronald Felder
Josephine Jais-Münch
Online Marketing Manager
Corina Kreidl
Online Marketing Manager
Maria Tsiakmakoudi
Stefanie Graus
Graphic Specialist
Alican Karagöz
Online Marketing Support
Sarah Hanser
Strategic Partnership Managerin