Social-media-marketing-agency: OMS Digital Solutions

The marketing of the future is called social media marketing. We are the agency which helps you to be successful on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & co.  As a social media agency in the Tyrol we know the trends and hypes of the digital world and will help you to keep track of things. We will support you on your way to a tailored social media strategy, advise you on the right platforms and will use the right advertising tools for your campaign target.


A good strategy is essential for social media marketing. Our agency is happy to advise you on platforms, target groups and on competitors. Of course, we will not leave you alone with the implementation. Interested? Then simply ask for an online-marketing consultation!


Online trends are emerging quickly, but they are also quickly yesterday’s news again. This is why digital hypes on the social networks must be recognised swiftly and reliably and used for your own communication. We as a Facebook marketing agency will help you to do so!


A/B-testing or split testing is a research that enables you to test marketing variations to find out which measures are most effective for your specific target group. Such A/B-tests are of course included in the campaigns of our social media marketing agency.

Tourism Marketing

We develop this and a lot more in our social media marketing agency

Social media for companies: one step ahead

Always one step ahead, this is the motto of our social media marketing agency. When it comes to online advertising, we always think a bit further. We develop innovative campaigns and concepts and place them in such a way that your brand will have a top position on the popularity scale among the desired target groups.  By the way top position – as SEO agency in Austria we will help you to an ideal positioning with Google and co.!