Graphic design agency: design, photos, videos

Trendsetting ideas are born here! Here, in our OMS Digital Solutions graphic design agency. Whether logos, screen designs, illustrations, print products or web solutions – we as a graphic design agency develop high-quality designs for our customers. As a full-service web agency we not only offer graphic design, but also web design and photo and video production.


Graphic design also needs a previously worked out strategy. As experienced design experts, we always have the big picture in mind – the brand experience - when producing photos, videos, web products and graphics. This is what defines our graphic design agency.

Brand identity

People identify with a brand if it corresponds to the corporate identity of the company. From our graphic design agency you get a suitable corporate design. We match the logo, the typography, the icons, the colours and the structures precisely with the strategy that you have worked out with our online marketing consultancy before.


To create real brands, messages are required – they can be delivered via texts, graphics, photos or videos. As a graphic design agency with expertise in photo & video production we help you to cut the ice with your customers with seductive marketing messages.

Are you ready to get started with your tailored corporate design?

Graphic design: the agency with ideas from Innsbruck

Ultimately, our graphic design agency is all about ideas – finding the best ideas for our customers and skilfully implementing them! We leave no stone unturned to get you to the top, not only in the search engine [LINK SEO], but also on the wish list of your customers.

Tourism Marketing

What else we do besides graphic design in our agency

The secret to OMS's success? Our employees!

Creative minds. Courageous individualists. Marketing pioneers. Our agency lives because of the people who work in it. We are incredibly proud of our well-established team. Together we make your brand so successful.

Ronald Felder
Josephine Jais-Münch
Online Marketing Manager
Corina Kreidl
Online Marketing Manager
Maria Tsiakmakoudi
Stefanie Graus
Graphic Specialist
Alican Karagöz
Online Marketing Support
Sarah Hanser
Strategic Partnership Managerin